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Why a member of the eventarchitect group?

The reasons for working with an eventarchitect-group member:

To become a member of the eventarchitect group, a potential member must prove himself. It is not obvious that an agency can join. There is a rigorous selection that not only looks at competence, but also at other characteristics that are important to organize a successful event. In addition, each member can fall back on any required specialist knowledge of fellow members.

As a customer you have the guarantee that personal attention will be paid to every assignment in which the highest achievable goal will be achieved. A member will use all his available knowledge and resources such as his network within the event-architect group.

If a member is not yet certified, he is supported, where necessary, by a certified member. Every member must have obtained the certificate within a certain period to remain a member.

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What does a certificate garantee?

If a member is certified, it means that:

  • the member has the required professional knowledge;
  • the member is certified as cEO, cPES or cSEE. These are official certificates, accredited by the IBCT, which guarantees the member has the best competences;
  • the member has proven himself for at least 2 years as a regular member that he is practicing the profession professionally;
  • the member knows how to create events profitable for both client and us;
  • the member is willing to share his knowledge and specialty with other members;
  • the member will always communicate clearly and transparently;
  • the member dares to think out of the box, strives for the best quality and most creative (corporate).

The customer has the guarantee that he will work with ‘the top’ of the global event agencies.

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Becoming a member:

Becoming a member is not obvious! Before a member is appointed, he must demonstrate that he is capable of becoming a member.

  • You have at least a few years of international experience in organizing events and you are willing to obtain the certificate of CEO, cPES and cSEE.

Some benefits of becoming a member of the group:

  • You will share knowledge with passionate colleagues;
  • You can use a global network; 
  • Your colleagues are certified event architects;
  • we attend international fairs together;
  • Colleagues all over the world who also promote you;
  • You are part of an award winning organization.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please write an e-mail to: